China vows to speed up building an IP Power国务院印发意见加快建设知识产权强国
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      The State Council recently issued  Opinion on Accelerating the Building of IP Power under New Conditions, vowing to thoroughly implement national IP strategy, deepen reform in IP key areas, carry out more rigid IP protection, promote the development in new technology, new industry and new commercial formats, enhance industrial internationalization development level, safeguard and encourage mass entrepreneurship and innovation. By 2020, decisive achievements will be made in IP key areas and links, the environment for entrepreneurship and innovation will be further improved, getting a new advantage in global IP competition, laying a solid foundation for China to be a world-class IP power with Chinese characteristics.
    The opinion proposes sticking with four basic principles, namely, strategic guidance, reform and innovation, market orientation and overall consideration. It also clarified five major measures: promoting reform in IP administration system and mechanism, carrying our rigid IP protection, promoting IP creation and utilization, strengthening overseas IP layout and risk prevention in key industries, enhancing international cooperation level in IP field.
    The opinion points out that efforts should be made to refine IP administration system, authorize local governments to carry out reform experiment in IP field, encourage eligible places to introduce integrated IP management reform pilot, build an IP reviewing mechanism in key economic activities, promote reform in patent license system, conduct online registration, E-filing and paperless examination, speed up building a top-notch patent examination office.
    Under the opinion, efforts should be made to step up punishment on IP infringement, improve IP protection mechanism featuring a cohesive combination of administrative enforcement and judicial protection, incorporate IP infringement into credit record of enterprises and individuals, establish a fair environment for entrepreneurship, innovation and business operation. Efforts should also be made to strengthen IP protection in new industries, promote research on rules of IP protection in Internet, E-commerce and big data field, formulate policies related to IP protection on mass entrepreneurship, crowd-sourcing, collective support and crowd funding. 
    The opinion requires building a more fair and reasonable international IP rules, beefing up international cooperation mechanism, expanding IP public diplomacy, strengthening overseas IP layout in key areas, improving  assessment and warning of IP risk, promoting domestic industry integrated into global industry chain, value chain and innovation chain.
    The opinion also calls for establishment of a reviewing system on innovation-driven development featuring IP. Incorporate products related to IP into the System of National Economic Accounting. Include index of IP into national economic and social development program. while making appraisal on the performance of the party and government leaders, focus on factors such as innovation stimulation and IP protection. Explore establishment of an evaluation mode of State-owned enterprises, paying equal attention to business performance, IP and innovation of enterprises. (by Xinhua)
本报综合新华社消息 国务院日前印发《关于新形势下加快知识产权强国建设的若干意见》。意见明确,深入实施国家知识产权战略,深化知识产权重点领域改革,实行更加严格的知识产权保护,促进新技术、新产业、新业态蓬勃发展,提升产业国际化发展水平,保障和激励大众创业、万众创新。到2020年,知识产权重要领域和关键环节改革上取得决定性成果,创新创业环境进一步优化,形成国际竞争的知识产权新优势,为建成中国特色、世界水平的知识产权强国奠定坚实基础。


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