Dongying beefs up IP enforcement
东营 专利行政执法高效化纠纷
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No longer before, a principal of a DongYing-based company came to Dongying IP Office and read his letter of thanks aloud on the spot, delivering a silk banner inscribed “pioneer of safeguarding legal rights, sword of justice”, to express his appreciation to officials for their efforts in handling the case with efficiency, justice and strictness.
    It is known that the Dongying-based company was gradually on fast track relying on its patented products called “a combined tower crane base”. The company unexpectedly encountered patent infringement. The company filed a request to Dongying IP Office for mediation. Receiving the request, the office immediately went to the grassroots and investigated, interviewed the petitioner and the respondent, studied the evidence. Finally, the respondent took the initiative to promise to cease patent infringement and settle the dispute. The enforcement officials’ efforts paid off, safeguarding the legal rights and interests of the patentee to the utmost extent.
    A principal of the office told CIP News reporter that it has enhanced IP administrative protection, improved patent administrative law enforcement and more patent enforcement cases be disposed. It has handled a batch of major IP dispute cases, helping citywide companies to recover economic losses worth billions yuan.“We will continue to enhance patent administrative enforcement, building favorable condition for companies to achieve innovative development,” said the principal of  the office.
 (by Zhao Jian’guo)
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